Saturday, May 21, 2016


Salmon have been difficult to tempt during the past week, plenty of them showing and good numbers to be seen going through the ladder and into our Ruan Ruarie beat on the R Garry where today's fishers said that lots had shown in the morning. Rain however soon brought a change to conditions as the Garry rose four feet and the flood made its way downstream raising the Tummel by 3 feet of dirty water. Still quite a few fish showing below the dam this evening but very difficult fishing conditions due to the dirty water. Anglers fishing next week will be rubbing their hands with glee with the better prospects of success. Good catches from our lochs where fish have responded to the warmer weather and fly hatches at long last after a cold period a few weeks ago. On the R Tummel fly hatches have increased a trout responded, mainly Olives, Olive Uprights and Large Brook Duns in evidence. Some of the larger trout have not yet recovered from winter and spawning, the photo shows a trout that measured about 56cm but still had some way to go before regaining its weight, caught recently on dry fly.