Thursday, April 3, 2014

First Salmon Up The Ladder

The counter display this evening. The underwater camera allows people
to see salmon making their way upstream past the counter.
The first spring salmon making its way up the Pitlochry Dam Fish Ladder this season has now passed the counter a little over half way up the ladder. Fish in the start of the run only make their way slowly up the ladder, as their swimming ability is poorer in cold water. The water temperature is still under 6C and at water temperatures only slightly less than this, no salmon would enter the ladder at all, and they would lie in the river downstream waiting for the water temperature to rise. Occasional kelts (salmon which spawned last winter) can be seen making their way down the ladder at lower temperatures. As the water temperature rises, more fish will enter the ladder and get up it more quickly. The Club's Portnacraig Pitlochry Beat lies just downstream of Pitlochry Dam.

Photo added 5/4/14. Salmon kelt making its way down the ladder today. Many
kelts are by now very thin and weak  and they can often be easily seen close to
the surface against the edges of the pools where the currents are less strong.