Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Pitlochry Dam salmon permits available

Opening day picture January 15 2012

Permits are now available for booking online. 

The “Help and FAQ for the Booking System” link gives detailed instructions. If you have difficulties please consult this first, most problems are quickly resolved that way.

Briefly, if you have not used the system you must first register and save your details. Then you can sign in and from the list of venues select “Pitlochry Dam Salmon”, choose which side of the river you wish to start on in the morning and select dates from the calendar. Fish on the chosen side until 12:30 pm then change to the opposite bank where you may fish until 17:00. 

The “About”, “Rules”, “Access” and “Map” tabs adjacent to the booking calendar allow you to read and print relevant information.

Please comply with the Club’s rules, conservation policy and safety advice available from the website. Fish safely and successfully in 2013!