Sunday, April 2, 2017

Salmon now making their way up Pitlochry fish ladder

With the rise in water temperature and a drop in water height over the last few days making it easier for salmon to find the entrance to the salmon ladder and ascend it, salmon are now starting to make their way up the Pitlochry fish ladder just above our Portnacraig Pitlochry Beat. The counter has gone from 0 to 7 in the last 24 hours and salmon can now be glimpsed in some of the pools in the ladder to the delight of those visiting the ladder this morning. This is about the same date as last year - the first salmon counted in recent years were on 2 April 2016, 29 March 2015, 3 April 2014, 20 April 2013, 19 March 2012 and 31 March 2011. Throughout the season, we will tweet frequent updates on the count along with river temperatures on There is also a link to the twitter feed on the main news blog page. Many people register as followers of the twitter feed so that all the updates are sent direct to them on their mobiles and computers.

Counter display 2/4/17 1145