Sunday, May 8, 2016

Important safety message

Notices reminding the public about the dangers of the River
Tummel. Anglers need to take precautions too.
One of our anglers took a tumble early last week from the water's edge straight into deep, cold water at the headland beside the "Stepping Stones" on Portnacraig bank (correction - apparently happened on the Pitlochry bank). Thankfully he was wearing a life jacket. He asked us to put a reminder to others on the news blog for them to do likewise.  It is a very important message and we are happy to oblige. We already encourage the use of lifejackets strongly both when fishing from the bank and when out in a boat and our website gives detailed guidance. A growing number of our anglers comply, which is great.

Club President Jimmy Ross setting a good example
on Friday evening by wearing a life jacket.