Friday, May 13, 2016

Counter now shows over 1000 salmon

Over 1000 salmon have now made their way past the Pitlochry counter this year, with this figure reached this afternoon. This is the highest number on today's date since 2011 (approximate count on 13 May - 1000 (2016); 321 (2015); 445 (2014); 125 (2013); 521 (2012); and 1425 (2011)). The approximate dates a count of 1000 was reached in previous years were 11 June 2015; 26 May 2014; 24 May 2013; 24 May 2012; and 6 May 2011. Some large brown trout are also to be seen in the ladder, perhaps having moved in to prey on the salmon smolts which are making their way down the ladder just now.

Large brown trout and a salmon in the ladder today. The fish counter counts salmon as they make their way up the ladder through the pipe showing in the top left of the picture. Please click on the picture for a closer view.