Monday, March 28, 2016

Great Start To The Week

Last week was a bit frustrating at the Dam: conditions looked excellent but the fish were hard to come by - whether this was due to a lack of fish or that they just weren't in the mood to take is hard to say. Today, though, was different with four fish caught on PAC beats: Alun Williams got things going at the Dam early this morning with a fish of 8lbs from Pitlochry bank on the spinner; Jimmy Ross got his season under way with an 8lber from Port-na-Craig bank later in the morning and was just lengthening out his line following the release of that fish when he hooked into then landed another at 16lbs - nice; and further downstream on Sawmill Innes Smith landed a sea-liced fish of 4lbs. All in all an excellent day - hopefully we're in for a good week.