Friday, February 12, 2016

Diary date - Open Night 7pm Wed 9th March 2016.

Can you name this insect?
Our club Open Night at Scotland's Hotel, Bonnethill Road, Pitlochry is free and guests are very welcome to attend. Refreshments provided.

This year we are delighted to have arranged a talk by Craig Macadam the Conservation Director with Buglife who has been studying freshwater invertebrates for over 20 years.  He is a recognised expert on mayflies and stoneflies and is currently working on the impact of climate change on freshwater ecosystems and the important services provided by freshwater invertebrates.  His  talk will explore the mayflies of importance to anglers and give some background to some of the special species that can be found in the rivers and lochs of the Tay catchment.

Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust is the only organisation in Europe dedicated to the conservation of all invertebrates.  Over 3,800 invertebrate species in the UK spend at least part of their lifecycle in freshwater. We are actively working to save Britain’s rarest animals, everything from dragonflies to mayflies, pond skaters and crayfish.

There will also be some fund raising activities for a local mothers and toddlers group.