Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Flood water on the R Tummel Dec 30 2015

No parking today!
Dam gates spill was impressive!
 The River Tummel has been exceptionally high several times over past weeks and it looks like we will see the year ending with it on another high! Spirits and expectations also are high in anticipation of another great year's fishing  on the river in 2016 after 2015's fantastic catches.

We wish all the very best to all our visitors from across the world during the new season which opens for salmon on January 15th. Hopefully the water will be in a better state by then.

Catch & release only in Scotland on all rivers including the Tummel until April 1. Thanks to all our anglers for their continuing restraint and successful live release of over 95% of the salmon landed on Pitlochry Angling Club's beats.

Tight lines 2016.
Not a lot of space between the river and the footbridge!

A lot of water!