Friday, February 27, 2015

Loch Rannoch fishing permits available online

Loch Rannoch - Spectacular surroundings and outstanding fishing potential for brown trout, perch and pike. Click here for Google map link
The loch is over 10 miles long east/west by up to 1 mile wide and drops to over 130m in depth at the east end.

Loch Rannoch trout
It is most noted for its huge ferox trout. Even in recent years, double-figure fish are caught and 1991 produced 4 ferox of up 12lb 10oz in weight. In 1999, a fish of 15lb 8oz was landed. Apart from these specimen fish, the majority of trout in Loch Rannoch are of more modest proportions and average in the order 10oz, but good numbers of larger trout, of up to and over 2lb in weight, are taken most seasons. Permits for trout, pike and perch fishing on Loch Rannoch on behalf of the Loch Rannoch Conservation Association (LRCA) are now available via our online booking system.
Venues available for booking by visitors on our website include:
Salmon fishing:
  • Pitlochry Dam, R Tummel
  • R Garry Ruan Ruarie, Killiecrankie
Trout fishing:
  • R Tummel
  • Upper R Tummel
  • Loch Tummel
  • Loch Bhac
  • Loch Kinardochy
  • Loch Rannoch