Thursday, September 4, 2014

Trout and grayling fishing on the R Tummel, cooler days and more hatches

After recent rains and cooler weather there has been a notable improvement in fishing. Lots of different methods bringing success, French nymph, wet fly and dry fly being some of the most popular ways to enjoy great sport. Anglers report  some double figure catches of trout and a few grayling too are showing up. There a spattering of several fly species which seems to make the trout less choosy mainly , blue winged olives, autumn duns, caddis and still a  few yellow mays flying about. Regular expert angler Neil Sinclair told me that he had a brilliant day's fishing lately whilst trying out a zero weight rod. Fine leaders and careful casting certainly play their part in fooling our trout! Neil has had a few fish over the 2lb mark including the lovely specimen pictured which fell to his "DD" fly.