Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Stirling International Angling Festival - maybe involving the Tummel?

Stirling International Angling Festival takes place from 6-10 August and we wish it well. The main public events are on Saturday and Sunday 9 and 10 August, but over the whole event, there are the sessions in a Six Nations Fly Fishing Championship. The river sessions of this, which are on an all catch and release basis, are scheduled for the Rivers Teith and Tay, but Pitlochry AC's excellent Pitlochry to Ballinluig stretch of the River Tummel is available as a backup, and could be used, although there are no firm arrangements yet. If any are made, this is likely to be at short notice, but we will try to let anglers know through this blog and website. Although the competition anglers would not get exclusive access to any of the river, it would be busier than normal with the extra anglers fishing and other trout anglers who had not already made arrangements might wish to fish on some other day.