Sunday, May 4, 2014

Speciman Tummel trout

Fred McDonald's 4lb trout
Scott Breen with his 5lb trout
Several large trout have already been caught this year on the River Tummel, some of them accidentally by salmon anglers so it is good to be able to report a couple of beauties landed by trout and grayling anglers.

Season permit holder Fred McDonald’s trout was caught whilst fishing for grayling on 3rd February 2014, weight was reckoned to be around 4lbs. It was caught on a shrimp pattern fishing New Zealand style.

Scott Breen’s trout was caught on 9th April 2014 and its weight was guessed at about 5lbs. It took a tungsten bead head hares ear nymph with an orange thorax fished single on a French leader.

Both fish were caught from the Middle Pool (Bridge Pool) on the R Tummel at West Haugh and safely returned to the river.