Thursday, May 22, 2014

Picking Up!

With blustery winds it wasn't the easiest day for fishing but with fish from all three club beats things look to be picking up. After a quiet start to the week today we saw three fish caught at the dam: Gordon Nichol got things going first thing in the morning with a clean fish of 21lbs from Pitlochry bank on the fly; Lee Thompson followed soon after with an 8lber on the Flying C from Port-na-Craig bank; and Alan Atkins persevered in deteriorating conditions to get a 6lber in the afternoon on Pitlochry bank - again on the Flying C - good effort. Further downstream at Sawmill Jack Galloway got his season underway in style with a beautiful 12lb fish caught on a cone head shrimp. Ruan Ruarie also produced its first fish of the season - some of the 700+ fish through the dam making their way up the system - when David Wilson landed a fish of 11lbs. Looking good for the weekend.