Saturday, May 10, 2014

Good End To The Week

Two fish were caught at the dam today. John Downie got the first in the morning - a 9 lber from Port-na-Craig bank on a Willie Gunn. The second was caught in the afternoon by Gary Waugh (with the help of John!) on a Silver Salmo - a 9lber from Pitlochry bank. Gary hooked the fish opposite the Port-na-Craig restaurant but got snagged before the fish ran to below the bridge and and came to a halt. John managed to hook the line with his rod, cut the line and attached it to his rod and then successfully land the fish. The fish was safely returned - John & Gary are still recovering! Further downstream Gordon Nichol got a 9lber from Sawmill. Not a bad end to the week - especially given the level of catches on the Tay system at the moment.

John Downie with the first fish of the day

Gary Waugh with the second