Sunday, August 4, 2013


Nice to see that Gordon Nichol and Calum Mc Roberts are still persevering on Sawmill despite a lengthy period of virtually no action on Tummel where Salmon are concerned. Fish have contined to run the ladder at the Dam over the past month at around 20---30 fish per day. A miniscule rise in water level at around 2 inches at the weekend saw first Gordon Nichol land a 6lb fish on an ( Allys ) in Sawmill followed next day by Calum Mc Roberts who had two at 4lb and 8lb on a ( Junction Gunn ) which Calum says he likes when the water clarity is poor. I believe the original dressing to belong to ( Jim Fearn ) AAPGAI casting instructor. A rise in water level could bring further success and finish a great season on Tummel.   JK