Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Last week Duncan Judge visited our Dam beat for the first time and was successful with an 8lb fish on a Ness C varient. Today on a return visit Duncan had similar success with a fish of 9lb on the same fly. Of course I wanted to see the deadly pattern and was quite surprised at the bling on the fly ( obviously Ultra Violet materials ). Duncan said he uses a lot of these materials and proceeded to open the fly box. Open eyed I looked at an amazing array of colours in lovely neat rows all beautifully tied and complete with Grade " A " Jungle Cock. Their was even one the colour of Traffic Lights. Great to see and not a Park Shrimp or Cascade in sight. I wish I had taken a Photo as I know an old Fife angler who would have been impressed . Late return tonight off Portnacraig bank with Brian Joseph landing a 17lb fresh fish on a Conehead Willie Gunn around 10.20pm. This is the largest fish so far this month by a club member at the Dam.   JK