Thursday, June 13, 2013


Late March and I feared the worst for our Spring Salmon catches. Mid May and the counter showed only 90 odd fish through the ladder!. The counter this morning registered 2442 an excellant number of Spring fish through the ladder that probably will ensure good catches in future seasons. Spring returns at the Dam beat totalled 134 up to the end of May keeping P.A.C. fishings in the top three Spring Salmon beats on the Tay system. A late return for last week with two fish was Nicholas Barrs at 9lb and 16lb, one on fly and the other with rapala. ( Pictured ). The Dam has been hardly fished this week but on Sawmill Brian Joseph has had two on Flying C at 7lb and 12lb keeping up a great start to his season. Brian has already caught a few on Tay this Year. With a rise in water in the next few weeks it will almost certainly extend our season with another run of fresh fish. Late report from the dam tonight another fish for Brian Joseph on Portnacraig bank at 9lb. JK