Monday, June 17, 2013


Callum Imray (to the left of the photo) and Dean Pepper
just starting their afternoon session on the Portnacraig  bank.
Two salmon were caught below the dam today, both in the morning off the Pitlochry bank at the top end of the water, both on Flying C, and both estimated to weigh 7 lb. The two successful anglers were Callum Imray and Dean Pepper. Dean also lost a fish in the afternoon after playing it for a time beside the Portnacraig Inn.

There was also a salmon today on the members' Sawmill Beat - a very clean fish of about 9 lb on a Willie Dunn conehead fly, caught by Brian Joseph. Update - Brian also had a second fish in the evening on the Sawmill Beat - a very fresh fish of about 6 lb on a flying C.