Saturday, May 18, 2013


Father and son duo Thomas Andrew senior and Thomas Andrew jnr regular visitors to the Dam beat were our only success today. Thomas snr 20lb on Gold Cascade and Thomas jnr 15lb on Toby. I spoke to Thomas snr before he left and he told me although some fish were showing early on he fished down the top two pools with no interest. Plan B was put into operation to send Jnr down with the Toby which was met with success just below the marker pool. Thomas Snr said with a grin on his face young Thomas seemed to have woken them up as he hooked into the big one on a size 9 double at his back. Both left without even fishing Potnacraig bank very contented anglers. Late report of another fish in the late afternoon for Graeme Lightbody with a 9lb fish on fly.   JK