Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Today at the dam Steve Watt got back on track with two magnificent fish of 14lb and 16lb on Cascade. Jim Fisher got our other fish at the dam on Pitlochry bank estimated at 9lb. Sawmill produced the days best catches with a 19lb fish ( pictured ) for Calum Mc Roberts in the passing on his way to work. After tea tonight Steve Watt thought he would give the Sawmill a cast for a wee change on his way home and landed another two liced fish both about 13lb on the dreaded Cascade again. Graeme Stewart got in on the act with a quick sorty again in Sawmill with a fish around 6lb. Gordon Hanslip finally got his season started with two from Sawmill at 11lb and 12lb. Gordon Nichol continues to fish by candlelight with another of 14lb at the dam tonight. Les dargie also had one of 9lb at the dam.     JK