Thursday, April 18, 2013

Important Reminder - Monofilament & Litter.

15m of line recovered from rocks at the water's edge.
A serious threat to wildlife.
Most anglers are responsible nature lovers who care for our countryside however some could perhaps just exercise a little more care in the disposal of monofilament line and in setting up their tackle so that if breakage occurs only the minimum amount of material is left in the river and about its surroundings. Breaking strain of terminal traces and leaders should be significantly less than that of the main line to ensure that worst only a short length of mono will be lost. Several justified complaints regarding mono debris about the river have been made, entangled birds and animals can suffer a lingering death or serious injury, please comply this reminder of the conditions under which permits are sold. (see PAC Rules).

Please ensure that you do not discard line or other litter about the countryside, assist by removing any that you find and dispose of it in a safe and appropriate manner.

Thank you in anticipation of your help with this matter.