Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Daytime trout fishing on the Tummel usually picks up nicely in September and on Sunday, eight anglers were out in one of the Scottish National Fly Fishing League (SNFFL) events to pick the Scottish squad for World and European Fly Fishing competitions in 2013. They had a good day with 33 brown trout (to 36cm) and 5 grayling (to 38cm), all safely released.

Although we are happy for our water to be used for competitions which are compatible with our Club rules, we do not provide exclusive access, other anglers may also be fishing, and those involved in competitions should not assume that competition anglers have automatic priority over non-competition anglers. There is another SNFFL event on the Tummel on 30 September with 30 competitors expected to participate. Because of the number of anglers who will be out on the water competing, 30 September may therefore not be a good choice of date for other anglers.