Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hardly a rod on the club waters in the past couple of weeks when everyone thinks its a Spring river the Tummel.  Fish continue to trickle through the ladder every day. On Friday regular spring angler to the Dam fishings Tony Brown took a rod on Pitlochry bank and caught two Grilse early morning on a small copper tube fly at 3lb & 6lb. On Sawmill midweek Stuart Dobbs had a fish around 8lb on a Cascade his first on fly. The Total fish caught at the Dam fishings stands at 158.   Sawmill at 41. Great totals as not as many fish have went through the ladder as last season. I see Andy Walker wrote a graphic piece on the posts just before I returned home which gave great atmosphere and mentioned his fear of having to seek shelter during a thunder storm.  Andy!greenheart is not a good conductor of electricity and as for the golf clubs there is no money in hickory shafts. I do not think E- Bay will have much interest in these items.   JK