Tuesday, August 7, 2012


After a tremendous catch return for July, the last week has seen a drop in the amount of Grilse running the system. Last week we did have a bit of success on Sawmill with Paul Carter recording two fish at 3lb and 10lb on a Silver Stoat. On Saturday we know fish were caught on Ruan Ruarie but were not reported. Anyone taking a permit for P.A.C. fishings must abide by the rules and make a return at the end of their fishing day. Last night Sawmill stalwart Brian Joseph had another success with a fish around 6lb at the tail of the beat on Flying C. I have been asked if perhaps Gordon Nichol has broke a leg or something with no catch return in the last two weeks. I can assure you Gordon is fit and well and had good success on Lower Farleyer last week. The Grilse run that started so well around all the Scottish coastline seems to have slowed up, although good numbers of Salmon continue to enter our systems. I am heading North this week and will see whats happening up on their systems.      JK