Tuesday, May 22, 2012


As we enter the home straight with just over a week to the unofficial finish of the spring Salmon season P.A.C. fishings are still producing good catches. Yesterday four fish were recorded----Gordon Hanslip 9lb----Anthony Rusher 12lb----Davy Stewart 10lb------Steve Watt 14lb. Gordon Nichol also had one of 5lb on Sawmill. Today Craig Masson had one around 10lb. Patrick Phelan had all his dreams come true today with two fish today around 5lb & 10lb on Flying C, just to add to his teams success at Hampden at the weekend. (Patrick savour the moment).  HALLELUJAH! Jimmy Ross ( El Presidente) opened his account tonight with a 10lb fish on a Cascade. Pitlochry can breath a sigh of relief tonight.     JK