Monday, August 8, 2011

Return of the Heather Fly!

Jimmy Ross and I visited Loch Bhac this afternoon for a couple of hours fishing off the bank. Although there was a stiff north-westerly breeze and showers, we were delighted to see blowing onto the loch some heather flies (Bibio), the first of the year. It's a time I really love when these black, shiny, hopper-like flies appear and get the trout into a frenzy of splashy rises. We caught a few nice fish on dries and headed home as Jimmy (El Presidente!) said he was having to make the tea. Ian Beckett was up there before us, baling out the two club boats after the torrential rain of a day back. He said we were in the wrong place as Loch Kinardochy was fishing really well. Maybe so but we enjoyed it. So did the osprey. (AFW - images by Ally Gowans)