Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Monday started with the river running at 3ft and coloured did not stop Steve Watt using his successful floating devon landing a fish about 15lb. Tuesday the water level dropped to 2ft and Ally Gowans had two fish at 15lb & 5lb on a Cascade ( What Else ! ). Today the level fell to 10in----Steve Watt returned in the afternoon and lost a fish below the bridge before getting one about 11lb on Cascade. All fish were caught on Portnacraig bank. Late return for Lower Tummel on Monday----Rudi Kopczyk a 9lb fish. Late tonight Ihad a fish about 14lb on Pitlochry bank. I have heard some mutterings recently , something about (TRANSYLVANIA) Maybe its something to do with my nocturnal habits. JK