Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chain Gang

Jimmy, "Sushie" and I visited Loch Bhac on Sunday past and were upset to find that someone had used a large stone to smash the chain ring off the forestry gate. Presumably somebody who lacked a key and some human brain cells. Jimmy has arranged for repairs to the locking arrangements - again! Brain transplants aren't available yet.

Still, we had good sport with the rainbows and some native browns on a day of mixed weather conditions, ranging from hot sunshine to pouring rain. Although, for most of the time, there was little surface feeding activity, most fish came to dry flies. The fish were small by commercial fishery standards (we like to keep the stocking that way and avoid the competition brigade), but they were feisty enough and my Daddy Long-legs took more than its share. Yet I missed a succession of good takes off the bank near the outflow end just before we left. Couldn't understand it, only to find when I reeled in that the fly was wrapped in the leader and facing the wrong way around! It's another way to do catch and release, I explained. Jimmy and Sushie were boating but took pity and offered me a lift back to the pier. I did the rowing .....because they looked tired, but then I had to row all the way back again to get some of my kit. Okay, what was I saying about brain cells? Super day though and well worth a visit.