Sunday, May 8, 2011

Who's Cuckoo?

I took myself up to Loch Bhac this morning when Libis said she was going to do some painting in the kitchen. There was nobody else up there, probably because of the very wet forecast, which was correct, although the sun did come out long enough for a photo. Wading the bank and using a range of typical flies and small lures, I caught ten fairly small but well-conditioned rainbows, keeping one to eat. This was nice fishing therapy because I was last out of eight of us who fished a club match on Lintrathen yesterday. Pissed-offness was much in evidence. But now the Fishing Gods were smiling at Bhac again. Then the heavy rain came back in earnest and I headed for home, hoping that the painting was finished. The first cuckoo of the year kept up a constant rammy the whole time I was up there. Where's the sea eagle when you need it? (AFW)