Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sharp Practise

Salmon Total 55

Largest 28 lb

Ladder Count 486

Two more fish were caught at the Dam today in spite of unhelpfully bright and low water conditions. Steve Dora landed a nine pounder on his own shrimp fly tying, soon after starting early. Then Birthday Boy Robert (Rab) Brown (now 62 - so we believe), caught a seven pounder, on a Tay Razor (rumoured to be a Bobby White pattern. I must name mine and get somebody competent to tie them!). Anyway, I should mention that Rab taught me a lot about fishing for grayling, back in the years when we caught more. They haven't been so common on the Tummel recently, although very capable of bouncing back, given one or two good spawning seasons. Decent cloudier weather here this evening and perhaps more fish to report. Here's images of yesterday's, although Dave Stewart is getting embarrassed about appearing so often.