Thursday, April 28, 2011


Salmon Total 58

Largest 28 lb

Ladder Count 707

Despite conditions yesterday on Pitlochry bank Ally Gowans managed to bring a fish about 9lb to the bank side. On approaching the fish from behind Ally leaned forward to remove the hookhold, the fish took fright and about turned and shot through his legs. ( Nutmeg I think is the term ) I wonder what frightened it ?. Today John Veitch and Ian Horne both heavily involved with the fishings on the River Lochy caught two fish on Pitlochry bank of 9lb and 6lb. John fished a Green bodied Willie Gunn. Ian a Willie Gunn Flamethrower Varient. Ian also lost a fish just out from the marker stone when his fly line went round a rock. Pictured left is club member Steven Dora with a nice fresh fish about 9lb on Tuesday on Portna craig bank.

Last year on April 28, the total of fish caught was 36 for this time with 136 having ascended the ladder, so this year is shaping up quite a bit better than last year. We need rain. JK