Thursday, March 3, 2011

Secret of success!

Is there something funny going on this year, or is it just coincidental? Our smallest salmon so far is 14 lbs and today a lovely 16 lb fish was caught. All have been caught on the fly despite some effort with spinners. All have taken during the afternoon and most have been caught by Portnacraig permit holders. Perhaps the most amazing fact is that every fish has been landed when Club President Jimmy Ross was present. Two fish were hooked yesterday but both escaped presumably because Jimmy was absent! The unfortunate angler blamed bad hooks, little did he know!

So what is going on? Bankside rumour is that the successful flies have been soaked in a special liquid, apparently an ancient and mysterious blend of chemicals that some say is essential for success. Perhaps the identity of the “secret liquid” will be revealed at Pitlochry Angling Club’s open night 19:30 on March 9 in Scotland’s Hotel when some fantastic creations will be tied by dry fly expert Neil Sinclair during his talk on trout fishing for which the R Tummel is famous. There is also a fishing tackle auction to raise funds for charities so if you happen to have anything to donate that might raise a few quid please call the Club phone number 07541404048 with details.

All are welcome attendance is free and this may be your one and only chance to discover the identity of the secret liquid, don't miss it!