Monday, February 21, 2011

2 more springers on Febuary 21!

Ally Gowans, fishing the Tummel at Pitlochry caught two lovely spring salmon at 19 and 14lbs during the afternoon. The sea lice were just off the bigger fish. The 14lb fish took out a 50 yard fly line in one run and made a huge leap - so springers don't jump! Then whilst Jimmy Ross was ready with the net in hand it managed to get snagged on something in mid river. That took a few attempts from the top of the rock to throw loops of line past the snag which succeeded in freeing the line. Jimmy did a good job with the net - just as well because the tippet was severely frayed. Thank goodness for Seaguar!

Well done Ally. Jimmy Ross was on hand to dole out Sloe Gin and Ally called to announce the news during two minutes taken off for refreshmment. I have a feeling there will be more news soon.

It seems the springers are arriving in numbers.

There are plenty of permits available, so use the on-line booking system, get yourself a permit and enjoy yourselves angling for big springers.

Where did he get that hat? (Must have been a freebie!)