Wednesday, June 30, 2010

News: Tuesday 29th June 2010

Salmon total: 85

Ladder count: 2047

Largest salmon: 20lbs

Salmon News

Today, club member, Alistair Stephen had a cast down on Lower Tummel. He lost a good fish on Killiechangie then took a nice,fresh fish of around 6lbs in the Greenbank.This was Alistair’s first Tummel fish, well done and many more to come ,I hope. Low water suits Lower Tummel so with plenty of availability it is well worth a cast as the fish are still coming through steadily.Wet weather is forecast over the next day or two so here is hoping we get some good rain to give the river a much needed lift and freshen up.
Trout News

The river trout fishing has been good recently, both during the day and in the evening with some good trout of up to 2.5lb being reported.

Ian Beckett, the Club’s loch warden, reports that both Loch Bhac and Loch Kinardochy are fishing well, and this can be clearly seen in the catch returns we have been receiving recently, which show good numbers of rainbow trout of about 1½ lb being caught on Loch Bhac and good catches of brown trout on Loch Kinardochy, mainly of about ¾ lb in weight but with individual fish of up to about 2 lb. Ian reports that top of the water tactics are doing well on both lochs, as are rainbow trout methods on Loch Bhac.

A report came in yesterday of a really nice fish off Kinardochy. Bill Bright was the lucky angler and the brownie weighed 3lbs plus.