Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Salmon News

Salmon total: 54

Ladder count: 485

Largest salmon: 20lbs

On Monday,despite the rods seeing plenty of fish, Arthur Painting’s lost fish was all to show for the day on the Portnacraig beat, but with the air temperature staying below the water temperature for most of the day, perhaps that’s not surprising. David Allan,however, did manage one on Lower Tummel, a nice fish of 10lbs.

On Tuesday the rods, again, reported seeing plenty of fish and we had a small rise in water although it was a pretty cold day. Jim Kennedy continued his good run with a 6lbs fish off Pitlochry bank on a size 12 and, after the change over, Jim Fisher took a nice cock fish of 12lbs off Portnacraig bank on a size 9 Park Shrimp. Graeme Stewart also got a fish, an 8lbs fish off Sawmill.

On Thursday, fish were seen by the anglers throughout the day and several rugs and pulls resulted. However, Neil Mclennan did hold on to one, a 13lbs fish off Pitlochry bank on a sunk line and small tube.The impression that we are getting is that quite a large head of fish is building up below the dam with the residents reluctant,it seems, to run the ladder during this cold spell. Fresh fish stir up the semi-residents as they run through and this may well be why alot of fish are showing from time to time.

On Friday Arthur Painting got closer to his first ever salmon, losing a fish of around 12lbs,at the net, on Pitlochry bank. However, guesting on Sawmill later, he finally managed to get his fish. A longtailed liced fish of around 6lbs on a size 12 fly. Well done Arthur, the first of many I hope.

So it was a very disappointing week for the time of year. Low water continues to make life difficult although regular runs of fresh fish are running through throughout the day with some “big fellas” amongst them. With little prospect of rain for a day or so,at least, anglers should make every effort to start early when most activity is reported.Also pushing well down both banks, to around the white house, to meet incoming fish is recommended later on in the day. Small flies, down to size 10, are worth a try.