Sunday, May 9, 2010

Salmon Count Update

John Kane with a 20lbs fish off Pitlochry bank

Salmon total: 48

Ladder count: 370

Largest salmon: 20lbs

Last Monday, despite continuing low water, Neil Tong had success with a 6lbs fish off Pitlochry bank and Dave Stewart had one at 10lbs off Portnacraig bank.

On Tuesday Jim Kennedy continued his good run with a 6lbs fish off Pitlochry bank on a Carron Shrimp. Graeme Stewart did even better on Sawmill. Graeme managed to get himself “Sawmilled” in one day by taking fish of 10lbs and 13lbs. Well done Graeme....trout fishing for the rest of the week,unfortunately!

On Wednesday Donnie Whiteford had a lovely longtailed liced fish of 16lbs off Portnacraig bank and, yesterday, John Kane matched that with a 16lbs fish off Pitlochry bank.

Finally, Ross Glover caught his first ever salmon, taking a nice 14lbs fish off Sawmill in the evening.Well done Ross, the first of many I hope.

On Thursday,Tummel regular, Steve McGrandles got hold of a good one,taking a lovely 20lbs fish off Pitlochry bank in his first few casts of the day.Later, Richard Collins took a sealiced fish of 10lbs off the same bank. Steve Watt continued his good season with an 11lbs fish off Sawmill.

On Friday Steve Watt was successful again. What a season he is having,taking two fish off Pitlochry in the morning at 12lbs and 14lbs. When I asked him the secret of his success Steve replied ”keep the fly in the water”. A simple answer but one we sometimes overlook when looking for some quick fix to successful salmon fishing.

On Tuesday Brian Gibson took a fish of around 10lbs off the Pitlochry bank.

On Wednesday John Kane continued his good spell on the beat with a lovely fish, conservatively estimated at 20lbs, off Pitlochry bank. Dave Stewart also took a fish off Pitlochry, this time a liced 12lbs fish. Dave had lost a good fish yesterday,at the net, on Portnacraig.David Hepworth also defied the low water with a 12lbs fish off Portnacraig bank.

On Friday Saul Mackay got his Tummel season underway with an 8lbs fish off Pitlochry.

Low water continues to blight the whole of the Tay system so although fresh fish are coming through,steadily, conditions will be tough this coming week. Start early if you can and concentrate hard in the first few hours of fishing. Fish the streamy water and if fish are showing below the suspension bridge....go to meet them, fish well down either bank. PAC have Lower Tummel back this week and the low water will suit it better. Again, try the head and the tails of the runs and if you see fish moving then fish hard and keep above them.Smallish flies might be the best option with a sunray shadow worth a try as well.

Remember up until the end of May it is “fly only” on Portnacraig Pitlochry. Big fish are a distinct possibility,over the next month, so please tackle up accordingly so that if you are lucky enough to get into a MSW salmon it can be brought to the bank in good time thus ensuring it has the very best chance of recovering quickly.